Form of stigma knowledgeable by customers which have mental illness and you may mental fitness nurses inside the <a href=""></a> Indonesia: a good qualitative blogs studies

Stigma refers to the discrediting, devaluing, and you can shaming away from men due to attributes otherwise services you to definitely they features. Basically, stigma contributes to bad societal enjoy particularly separation, rejection, marginalization, and you will discrimination. When the associated with a medical condition such mental disease, stigma can impact somebody’s issues and you will treatment, and additionally entry to appropriate and you can medical treatment. Stigma was also stated to apply to patients’ household otherwise family relations, and professionals who work with rational healthcare settings. Stigma is actually firmly influenced by social and you will contextual value solutions you to definitely disagree over time and you can around the contexts. not, limited data is available on exactly how kind of stigma was experienced because of the people that have mental illness and mental health nurses from inside the Indonesia.


I browsed the brand new stigma-relevant skills of fifteen nurses and 15 clients for the Indonesia. The analysis construction and data regarding interviews research were led by the deductive (directed) posts analysis.


Four themes emerged. Four themes was basically diligent-related: personal/patients’ stigma, public/social stigma, loved ones stigma, and a position stigma. The fresh fifth theme regarding stigma into the health care masters dealing with patients with mental conditions, and this we classified once the professional stigma.


This study provides achieved an intense knowledge of the concept of stigma in the Indonesian framework. This skills try a necessity to own developing suitable treatments one to address this event and and therefore for the growth of mental health features into the Indonesia. This study can be transferable to other countries you to display equivalent cultural backgrounds and adhere to conventional and you can religious worth expertise.


Stigma was first discussed from the Erving Goffman in the 1963. He known stigma due to the fact people characteristic or feature where a beneficial person is actually devalued, tainted, otherwise sensed embarrassing or discredited. Next operate in this particular area was influenced by the task of Goffman, additionally the idea of stigma might have been searched in a lot of contexts and you may societies. Stigma is highly determined by social and you can contextual really worth assistance that disagree over the years and you may across contexts. not, very article writers accept Goffman’s first definition, and therefore understood an element of the elements of stigma such as for instance labeling, stereotyping, public separation, bias, rejection, ignorance, condition loss, lower care about-regard, reasonable notice-effectiveness, marginalization, and discrimination [step 1,dos,3].

Mental health stigma is understood to be the brand new disgrace, societal disapproval, or personal discrediting men and women which have a mental health disease [4, 5]. Books refers to several dimensions otherwise type of psychological state-related stigma, together with self-stigma, public stigma, elite group stigma, and you can institutional stigma. Self-stigma describes bad perceptions of individuals to help you his/her own mental illness and it is named internalized stigma [step 1, 6]. Self-stigma might have been regarding poor outcomes, such as for example inability to gain access to medication, disempowerment, faster notice-efficacy, and you can diminished standard of living [seven, 8]. Social stigma relates to negative perceptions into people who have mental illness of the kept of the general public [step 1, 6], have a tendency to considering misconceptions, anxiety, and you will bias. Related to social stigma are detected stigma that is recognized as individual’s values regarding attitudes from anyone else on mental disease. Studies have shown the important feeling regarding societal stigma such as discrimination inside the practices and you will societal providers . Top-notch stigma is when medical care pros keep stigmatizing attitudes into its customers, which may be considering fear or confusion of your causes and you can apparent symptoms of mental disease, otherwise when positives themselves feel stigma regarding the societal or other health care gurus due to their performs and you can exposure to stigmatized individuals . Professional stigma is actually away from sorts of matter as it can impact the proper care and procedures you aren’t mental illness get , plus means to fix actual ailments , and therefore affecting their really-being and healing. In the end, organization stigma makes reference to an organization’s regulations or community away from bad thinking and you can opinions for the stigmatized anyone, like those with psychological state troubles [1, six,7,8,9,ten,11,a dozen,13,14]. Instance stigma is reinforced because of the legal architecture, societal rules, and you can elite means, thereby as seriously embedded inside the society .